Adult Classes

Adult Programme

What next? You've had the lessons, what do you do now...

Ceoltoiri Adult lessons imageSo you got yourself the fiddle or the flute or whatever and you got the lessons. You have the first ten or twelve tunes under you belt. Now what!
Ceoltoiri Adult lessons imageYou want to join in but the sessions are too fast and they're not playing your tunes anyway or maybe they did but it was just about over before you recognised it.
Ceoltoiri Adult lessons imageWe know the frustrations of the adult learner. So we devised a programme to provide a bridge from learning your instrument to session playing.

Who is it suitable for?

Because the programme does not focus on the technicalities of playing a particular instrument it is not suitable for absolute beginners. Our classes on Saturday morning are more appropriate for beginners. If you have a year or two under your belt and are looking to further develop your musical skills, build up your repertoire and play with others then this is the ideal place for you!

Level 1
Entry Level

If you have a year or two's classes behind you then Level 1 is probably the most suitable. The focus is on building basic repertoire, ear training and learning to play with others in a group. The class is taken at a very gentle and slow pace.

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Level 2
Intermediate level

If you have three to four year's playing behind you then you are probably ready for Level 2. Again the focus is on building repertoire, ear training and learning to play with others in a group. The pace of the class is a more sprightly than Level 1 and while the focus is on teaching tunes commonly played in sessions they will be more difficult than those taught in Level 1.


Slow guided sessions. The idea is to build on the skills developed in the Level 2 class in that it focuses on tunes learnt there. The session is led by an experienced musician who provides expert coaching to the group. The focus is on building up skills required for playing in a group situation - rhythmic precision and learning to play with others. This will be most suitable for those at an intermediate level, i.e. those with at least three years playing experience who want to further develop their musical ability. It is particularly recommended for those attending the level 2 classes.

Adult Singing Group


We have a very well subscribed singing group catering for adults of all ages, shapes and sizes! What we are looking for is a broad range of voices, this allows us organically develop traditional folk songs into harmonized arrangements.


This is choral without a capital C, think Voice Squad or Black Family for example and you’ll be close. You’ll be closer than you think as Phil Callery of the Voice Squad is our choirmaster (small c) and our Mentor!

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Adult students are invited to join our Thursday night group class from 7-8pm in Marino College. This is followed by a slow session from 8-9pm. See map.

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The Winter programme starts in September every year.

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How Much

The Cost is €10 per lesson.
All fees are payable per term in advance.