Child Protection

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Our Child Protection Policy

We in Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh want to make sure that all children and young people who come to our organisation are safe and are protected from harm. we are committed to ensuring their safety and welfare at all times in accordance with  Children First - National Guidelines for Participation and Welfare of Children  and  Our Duty to Care - The Principles of Good Practice for the Protection of Children and Young People  published by the Department of Health and Children.

Children and young people have a right to:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be listened to
  3. Be treated with fairness and respect
  4. Be free from bullying
  5. Get help and support if you’ve been hurt, neglected or badly treated
  6. Enjoy participating in the organisation in a friendly and learning environment

The importance of child protection is recognised in the constitution of Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh and every member, including anyone working in any capacity for our organisation, respects these rights. This policy applies also to children participating in events promoted by us but who are themselves not members of our organisation.

If you or a parent or anyone is worried that a child or young person is being hurt, bullied or abused, they should talk to one of our designated persons.

Our teaching classes and events are organised in a manner to ensure the safety of children. Our teachers and activity organisers are required to comply fully with our child protection policies, including adhering to operational guidelines on procedures to be followed in the course of classes, activities and events promoted by us.


Abuse is not the fault of the person who is being hurt and nobody ever has the right to abuse anyone else. You have the right not to suffer abuse of any type. If you are worried about yourself or another child or young person, the most important thing is to talk to someone about it. The information you share will be kept private and only shared with people who need to know and can help.

If we are worried that a child or young person is not safe or might be harmed, we will talk to people who can help. If this happens Maeve Stuart or Janet Carter, our Designated Persons, will explain what is happening (see previous page for contact details).


At Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh we do not allow bullying. Bullying can be someone:

  1. Calling people names or saying hurtful things
  2. Taking money or food off you
  3. Swearing at you
  4. Pushing you around
  5. Hurting your body in any way, such as pushing pinching, punching or kicking you
  6. Leaving you out or ignoring you
  7. Damaging your instrument on purpose

Bullying is NEVER your fault, and never something that you deserve - you should be able to feel happy and safe wherever you are.

If you or someone you know is being abused in any way the best thing you can do is talk to someone who can help.

Visit the City of Dublin Youth Service Board(CDYSB) website. 

Making a complaint / raising concerns

If you are worried or upset by something that happens here you / your parent can make a complaint. We will listen carefully to your complaint and we will answer it in full.

You can contact one of the designated persons identified above to make a complaint.

You can also raise any issue of concern with teachers or with the members / organisers manning the desk in Marino College or St Gabriel’s during class / band practice times, or with those organising particular events run by the organisation.

We welcome comments and suggestions from children, young people, parents and others on how child protection can continued to be promoted and enhanced. Our child protection policy helps us to make sure that everyone at Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh is safe and free from harm.