CCT support initiative for the Harp.

Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh have just acquired three new harps to promote harp playing in the club.

We are making these harps available to young students up to 16 years old who are genuinely interested in playing the instrument and who would, in due course, be willing to play the harp as a member of one of our grupaí cheoil (under 12, under 15 or under 18, as applicable).

The harps are being made available on a rental basis, with an option to buy the instrument, if the parents of the students so wish.
To support and encourage prospective harp students, the club will provide harp classes on Saturday morning at a cost of €5 per lesson, instead of the normal €12, for the duration of 30 weeks. Other details for the operation of the scheme, including the rental arrangements, are being finalised.

In the meantime, parents of children interested in learning to play the harp and receiving a harp under this scheme are invited to indicate their interest by email to We have capacity to begin these classes, if the student and family are ready to get started.

In the event of there being more applications than harps currently available, the harps will be allocated to students who are showing good interest and commitment in their current music classes.

Please contact with any questions and to express interest.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Ceoltóirí Chluain Tarbh

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